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1967 The first edition of Books for College Libraries (BCL) was published. BCL grew out of the collection development initiative for the University of California's New Campuses Program, aimed to create three identical library collections for the new Irvine, Santa Cruz, and San Diego campuses. Drawing upon published library catalogs from Harvard University and the University of Michigan, editors Melvin Voight and Joseph Treyez set out to build a collection of 50,000 core titles. The result became Books for College Libraries, a single-volume resource offering 53,410 hand-selected titles with publication dates prior to 1964. 1975 The second edition of Books for College Libraries was funded by the Council of Library Resources, and for the first time editorial development was led by Choice magazine. 38,651 titles published before early 1973 were included in the six volumes. Seven main subject classifications were covered: Humanities, Language & Literature, History, Social Sciences, Psychology, Science, and Technology. 1988 Thirteen years later, Books for College Libraries (3rd edition) debuted. While still managed by Choice, BCL3 was published without the aid of outside funding. An all-volunteer staff of subject specialists compiled 49,662 titles in the same seven main subject areas. Adopted by academic libraries large and small, BCL3 redefined the ideal core collection of monographs for supporting undergraduate study. 2005 Choice partnered with Bowker to develop Resources for College Libraries, the twenty-first century successor to BCL3. RCL was a major collaboration with approximately 60 subject editors, 200 bibliographers, and 60 referees updating and vetting all core title selections. Subject areas expanded to cover interdisciplinary fields and coverage incorporated Internet-based resources. While BCL followed Library of Congress subject headings, the RCL editorial group created specific subject classification schemes to align subject disciplines with the undergraduate curriculum. 2006 Nearly forty years after the original Books for College Libraries was published, Resources for College Libraries was released in both a print and online version, as well as for use with the Bowker Book Analysis System. The collaboration between ACRL’s Choice, Bowker, and more than 300 editors and subject specialists resulted in an academic core list 65,000 titles strong. The resource covered 58 curriculum-specific subjects and for the first time included electronic resources. 2009 Resources for College Libraries: Career Resources (CR) was released as an online supplement to RCL content at RCLweb.net. The successor to Vocational and Technical Resources for Community College Libraries (ed. Mary Ann Laun, 1995), CR updated the core content for vocational, technical, and career college libraries in ten major subject disciplines. The resource featured 56 career-oriented subject areas, recommending monograph titles, as well as essential electronic resources. 2011 Five years after the original launch of RCLweb.net, Choice and Bowker introduced a redesigned online interface for RCL with increased user-friendliness, social media tools, and enhanced discovery options, founded on the continuously-updated, trustworthy content selected by RCL subject editors. The online redesign included the release of a stand-alone Career Resources database, as well as the introduction of RCL Plus, the deluxe database offering access to all RCL content, covering 117 subject areas across the two-year and four-year college curriculums.